In the excitement of packing the sunscreen and towels you might forget to pack a few other essentials for a fun filled day at the beach Discover More Here.

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Jug of Water or baby powder – Wash those sandy feet right off or sprinkle baby powder on and the sand falls right off.
  3. Change of Clothes – just in case
  4. First Aid Kit with aloe
  5. Large ziplock bags for wet clothes or cell phones.
  6. Extra pair of flip-flops
  7. A beach bag!   One tip is to have your beach bag double as a luggage bag.
  8. Tylenol (or fever reducer): Sun-burns make you feel miserable.
  9. Sharpie Marker: The best thing about a sharpie marker is that it won’t wipe off if it gets wet. If you are traveling with kids, then you know how possessive they can be about their great treasures they find.
  10. Umbrella – Bring one with you or purchase one when you arrive.